Dance Your Way To Good Health


I ❤ ❤ Zumba. It’s rooted in Afro Cuban and Latin music and dance. The dance moves are based on a variety of styles including hip hop, pop, reggae, mambo, salsa, rumba, and calypso. Both slow and fast rhythms are involved so Zumba enthusiasts receive a variety to beat the boredom and increase agility and muscular involvement.


If you haven’t worked out in a while or have health issues consider Aqua Zumba because it’s low-impact. Your knees, hips and back undergo less pounding when doing Aqua Zumba. At the same time, your body works four times harder than on land because of the resistance of the water rather than gravity. For even more resistance, perform Aqua Zumba standing with the water at your collarbone level instead of at your chest.

The Take Away: Zumba is a really great way to get a good cardio workout with a little added light toning. The “Party Spirit of Zumba” definitely translates into a Good Time on Land or Water. Zumba!!! Zumba!!! Natural Hair Lovers!!!


Have you tried Zumba yet?