Henna the good…the bad…and the ugly!

Henna the good…the bad…and the ugly!

Henna (Body Art Henna) is an excellent natural hair color and remedy that prevents hair loss. It is great to use in maintaining strong and healthy hair. It repairs and seals the cuticle which helps in healing the hair shaft. This prevents the hair breakage and helps the hair to shine.

Henna also balances the pH of the scalp and cures most scalp problems such as dandruff, dryness, etc. Sad to say, but I personally do not use henna anymore because I don’t like how it looks on my grey hair. Don’t judge me : (

Always use henna on freshly co-washed hair. This is how you can mix it.

Henna recipe
– 100g of Henna
– Green Tea (Start with at least 1 cup)
– Add 2 tbsp of raw honey
– Add 2 tbsp of amla powder

– Use a glass or ceramic bowl & wooden spoon.
– Place the Henna, raw honey, and alma powder in the bowl.
– Add as much green tea as necessary until it’s the consistency of yogurt.
– Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and let it sit until the dye releases from the henna (usually around 12 hours).
– Section your hair and apply like a relaxer.
– Thoroughly cover your hair with Saran Wrap.
– Place a plastic cap or two on your head.
– Leave on at least 3-4 hours (or even overnight).
– It is very messy so have lots of towels on hand.

Henna is a protein. So, for some people, henna may cause dryness of hair and scalp. If you already have a dry scalp, then you will need to moisturize. You can add moisturizing oils, yogurt, or a conditioner to your henna recipe, or use a good hair oil after your henna treatment.

BTW: Henna is permanent! Which means it has to grow out or be cut out of the hair. Also, it’s very difficult to use permanent hair color if you have hennaed. Bleaching the hair is the only method that removes the henna and that can be harsh and lead to dryness and breakage. I know this from personal experience. (sigh) If you’ve never used henna on your hair before, it is recommended that you perform a skin and strand test to see what color you will get or to see if you have any allergic reaction. Hope this helps!

Are you a henna head? What has your experience with henna been like?