Hair Color and Natural Hair

When you permanently color, lighten or bleach natural hair is becomes very porous. High porosity hair easily loses moisture, layering on products to retain moisture is a necessity. Many high porosity naturals, after co-washing their hair, apply a water based leave-in conditioner, then a thick water based moisturizer followed by a heavy butter. By layering your products, you are providing your hair with the moisture it needs from the leave-in and moisturizer, and ensuring that the moisture remains near the hair shaft by using a heavy butter or oil to act as a protective layer to prevent the moisture from being lost to the atmosphere. High porosity naturals may also find it necessary to moisturize often and some high porosity naturals moisturize once or twice daily.

Use products with a low pH, which are acidic, and will help tighten the open cuticle. Sealing with pure Aloe Veral after applying your leave-in will be extremely helpful. A regular apple cider vinegar rinse, diluted 3 parts water to one part ACV, will also help detoxify any pollution (from being so openly vulnerable to the elements) and help seal the cuticle.
Also, Oil Rinsing is excellent for color- treated hair.

Protein treatments are also recommended to temporarily patch the gaps. Try this one:

Protein Hair Conditioner

1/2 cup of plain unsweetened yogurt
1/2 ripe avocado
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of grape seed oil
1/2 teaspoon of honey
1 egg
Mix/whip mixture until smooth

Apply the protein hair conditioner to wet hair. Work mixture through the hair, making sure to coat the entire length of the hair from root to end.

Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or wrap your head in plastic wrap. Leave the protein conditioner on for 30-45 minutes.

Rinse then Co-wash (conditioner washing) Then apply your usual moisturizing conditioner after the protein treatment.

Use warm/hot water to rinse the conditioner from your hair. Then use cool water to close hair’s cuticle layer.

I hope this helps!