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Pat Moore
My Natural Hair Journey
The Natural Hair Lover’s Blog Experience Have fun Navigating through this Magazine Style Blog Layout!  Feel free to try any of the Healthy Eats and Do-It-Yourself recipes.  Please leave comments so that we can better understand your interest as it relates to Natural Hair and Lifestyle. 
Embracing our natural hair is a journey that requires self-awareness, self-love, and self-motivation.  This journey starts with acknowledging that it’s okay to look different from society standards.  We must learn to love the full essence of who we are as people of African descent.  Then, we must encourage ourselves to stay on the natural path and avoid the temptation of quick fixes.  So, coupled with much patience and persistence, we will overcome these stereotypes that mask our natural beauty.
Having embraced this Holistic Lifestyle (Mind, Body and Spirit), I am on the path to a Healthier Lifestyle.  Although, I have studied herbs, natural remedies, and holistic principles for years, I have “fallen of the wagon” along the way.  It’s one thing to know it and another to do it consistently!  I have committed to getting up, dusting myself off, and staying on the course to a healthier me!  Well, this is My Story, and I’m sticking to it!  What’s Your Story?  Share your Experience!
Love, Peace, and Naturalness,

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